Getting Started

In this video, Rosalyn Price English, former president of the LCC Homeschool Association of PA, welcomes homeschooling families, walks parents through the steps of completing registration paperwork, and encourages new and veteran homeschooling families with opportunities to connect with other homeschoolers in the Central Pennsylvania region.   (COVID Edition, 2020)

 The Basics of Home Education in Pennsylvania

Form Examples

Note: These are EXAMPLES of appropriate forms. You are under NO obligation to use forms provided by a school district. 

Contact us to request copies of these form that you can edit on your computer. 

Homeschool Affidavit.pdf
Sample Exemption Form.pdf
Receipt & Cover Letter Sample.pdf
Sample Objectives Form.pdf
Withdrawal Letter .pdf
Sample Unsworn Declaration .pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Who is the Home Education Supervisor?

          Answer:  In a home education program, the child is taught by his or her parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian. The person teaching the child is referred to as the “supervisor” of the child's home education program. 

Question:  What if the school gives me a hard time about pulling my student?

          Answer:  Homeschooling law protects you as a parent or guardian from having to complete any school forms, participate in guidance counseling or exit interviews, or having to explain yourself. When you file your paperwork, and send it via certified mail return receipt, your return receipt (the green card) is all you need.

That said, it CAN be intimidating the first time you walk through the process. We recommend reaching out to a veteran homeschooling friend to walk you through the process, or contact us and we'll be happy to sit down with you and help you navigate the paperwork.

Many families choose to sign up for a membership to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Your paid membership provides you with an experienced lawyer in the event that you need legal representation. Our organization has a discount code, so be sure to reach out to us prior to paying for a membership so we can share the code with you! More information at:

Questions about home education in Pennsylvania? 

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Home education in the state of Pennsylvania requires that the student be registered with his/her school district. 

 Age Requirements:

*Caveat: If your child was previously enrolled in a public school (kindergarten etc) before the age of 6, then you must register the child each year regardless of their age OR submit a Withdrawal and Wait form


Students who were previously enrolled in public or private school must be formally withdrawn. 

To complete the withdrawal process, parents or legal guardians (home education supervisor) must send a withdrawal form (sample below) to the principle of the school to which the child is currently enrolled. 

The form should be mailed via certified mail with return receipt, or,  taken directly to the school office. If delivered in-person to the school office, the school should sign a receipt for the home education supervisor's records. 


New homeschooling students may be registered at any time during the school year. Previously homeschooled students must have their registration documentation submitted to the school district by August 1.

The ONLY documentation required by law to register your child as 'home educated' in the state of Pennsylvania includes:

*Please see the form examples below. Home Education Supervisors are not required by law to use forms provided by their school district.


If your child is registered as 'home educated', their yearly evaluation is due to the school district by June 30.  

Many home education supervisors provide the school district with their students' next years' registration documentation and that years' evaluation at the same time.


By law, all communication and requests from a school district must meet 2 criteria: 

1. It must come from the school district’s superintendent’s office, and 

2. It must come via certified mail. 

ANY REQUEST from a school district that does not come from the superintendent's office AND does not arrive via certified mail is NOT LEGAL.  Examples of illegal request formats include phone calls, letters received in the regular postal mail, and/or verbal/in person requests. Remember  - unless they provide you with a certified letter via postal mail, the request is not legal and you are not under legal obligation to respond or comply.

F. UNSWORN DECLARATION: In effect as of April 2020, a new piece of documentation was approved in place of the notarized affidavit. It is called an 'Unsworn Declaration'.   Per HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association):

"As an alternative to filing a homeschool affidavit, families homeschooling under Option 1 can file this Homeschool Unsworn Declaration. It is very similar to the affidavit, but does not need to be notarized. After filling it out, send it to your school district’s superintendent and keep a copy for your own records. Sending it by certified mail-return receipt requested is best. It is due no later than August 1. " *

You can read more information here: Affidavits and Unsworn Declarations